The “Stay Strong Stan” Stanley Ian Babinski Memorial Fund

There are few, if any, that cancer has not affected. Cancer is a formidable disease that takes an emotional and physical toll on the individual and their families. Nevertheless, every now and then a person such as Stan Babinski comes around and inspires those around him.

People who knew Stanley Ian Babinski were taken by his strength and his gentle demeanor. “Super Stan” had an outlook that was always encouraging and a spirit that was never dampened. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma could not curb his love for his family and friends nor diminish his optimistic attitude on life.

The words brave and courageous come to mind when speaking of the battle Stan endured. Stan was more than his battle; he was an energetic 2008 graduate of Romeo High School. While Stan was in the hospital he drafted seven goals: get better, beat his illness, get a degree, move into his own place, land a well-paying job, be more responsible, and enjoy life. The last goal, “enjoy life” has been embraced as a final message to his friends and family. Stan died in 2010. He was 20 years old.

Stan Babinski’s spirit is memorialized by a fund that supports eligible organizations and individuals in the Romeo Area. Since 2011, The PRIDE Award (Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Dignity, and Educational Excellence) has funded college scholarships to RHS graduates. To support the “Stay Strong Stan” Stanley Ian Babinski Memorial Fund, visit