The Ruth Isaacson Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ruth Isaacson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1987 by the Armada Civic Trade Association (ACTA) to benefit the students at Armada Area Schools.
Ruth Isaacson was a lifetime member of Armada. She was a member of the 1949 Armada graduating class. She briefly taught 7th grade, but left teaching to become the Operating Manager of her family’s business. She continued her role as CEO of Armada Products Company, which later became Armada Tube Group. She remained there until her passing in 1987.
While managing a growing company and raising a family, she still found time to volunteer and donate her time in the community she loved. Ruth served on the Armada Board of Education, was Financial Chairperson for the Armada United Methodist Church, and was a founding member of the Armada Civic Trade Association.
Scholarships are awarded annually to graduates of Armada High School who are pursuing further education in community development or philanthropy. To give to the Ruth Isaacson Fund, please visit