Your Voice – Our Vision: Foundation Survey Reveals Community Needs

In a recent survey, Four County Community Foundation asked local residents to share what you love about your community. As a public charity that grants to nonprofit organizations and schools, we were also interested to hear about what you didn’t like. Ultimately, we wanted to identify where we could best spend our resources in order to make the greatest impact. What we discovered may surprise you. Our needs assessment survey revealed four main areas of need. We then designed a strategy for each:

  • “Beyond the Bell” will address the need for youth activities for school-aged children outside of the regular school day. Activities such as clubs, sports, tutoring, health and nutrition, fitness, and robotics will be a priority. Four County Community Foundation is committed to serving the needs of our children and making a positive difference in their young lives.
  • “Your Story Matters” will address the mental health needs of all ages in our service area. Four County Community Foundation will direct resources towards the prevention of suicide, depression, drug abuse, and bullying. We will also support efforts to help those already suffering from addiction, depression, and other mental health issues.
  • “Let’s Go Places” will address the transportation needs of our senior citizens, our friends with disabilities or special needs, and our neighbors who may be facing financial challenges and hardships. Four County Community Foundation is dedicated to helping those who need it most.
  • “Stronger Together” will address the need for small business development and mentorship. Four County Community Foundation will support programs and workshops that foster and support leadership, collaboration, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

As the Foundation considers grant applications during the coming months, the Your Voice – Our Vision initiatives will be our focus. Grantees that address these needs with creative and innovative programs or projects will be given priority. For more information, please contact us at (810)798-0909.

Donor Wall Unveiled

Four County Community Foundation is excited to get started on these new initiatives, but we know that we can’t do it alone. To make an even bigger impact, we need YOU! That’s why we will soon be unveiling our Donor Wall, which will be a new feature on our website. Join us at any giving level to any fund and your name will be included on our online Donor Wall. You will also be invited to all of our events and be recognized for your generosity. A gift of any size will help us reach our goals! To support one of our new initiatives as described above click here.

Giving Levels

  • Business Sponsor $500 (1 month)
  • Friend $1-$999
  • Steward $1,000-$2,499
  • Guardian $2,500-$4,999
  • Benefactor $5,000+

We know you are just one person, but one of the strengths of Four County Community Foundation is the ability to bring diverse voices and resources together for the common good. Please join us!