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4CCF Feeding Families Forever

Our local food pantries are small but mighty.  During the covid-19 pandemic, they gathered their volunteers and served much needed fresh meat, produce, and other foods to many families in our community.

Four County Community Foundation has an endowed (forever) fund that will stand ready to support our food pantries and other nonprofit groups who provide food programs to the communities we serve.  Supporting the 4CCF Feeding Families Forever fund will provide food security now and forever.

4CCF Mental Health - Building a better tomorrow

A recent nationwide study from Center for Disease Control found self-reported behavioral health symptoms are double their pre-pandemic rates.  31% of respondents report symptoms of anxiety or depression.  13% have started or increased substance abuse.  26% report stress-related symptoms.  11% report having serious suicidal thoughts in the previous 30 days.

In response, Four County Community Foundation has established the 4CCF Mental Health Fund.  It will support nonprofit organizations who deliver mental health programs and services throughout the communities we serve.

Nonprofit organizations that wish to apply for mental health program funding should contact our office.

Reading 1

Four County Imagination Library

Imagine giving brand-new, age-appropriate books to children in the communities we serve, from birth to age five!  Upon registering for this literacy program, children receive new books each month, every month.  Some books are bilingual.

Our Imagination Library Fund is partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  While the Dolly Parton fund will cover some costs, it is up to our Foundation to provide the bigger share. The Four County Imagination Library fund will pay $2.50 per child each month.  That’s $30 for a year of reading!  For $150 you can support one child, by providing sixty books for five years!

Octagon House

The Currier Octagon House

Built in 1854, the Currier Octagon House has been the home of Four County Community Foundation since 2000.  A plan for preserving this important historic building is in the works.