Scholarship FAQ

Is there any specific information that I need prior to applying for a scholarship?

Yes.  At minimum you will need the following:

  • The estimated amount of family contribution (EFC), from the FAFSA, for financial-need based scholarships
  • GPA, ACT/SAT scores, academic transcript(s) with grades from the current year
  • Work history
  • Lists of community service activities, athletic activities, and other volunteer activities, including years of participation and leadership roles
  • Your college choice and the cost of attendance for one year.  MI cost of attendance list: 2022 Tuition Comparison Between Colleges in Michigan (
Is there a required application form?

Yes.  ALL of Four County Community Foundation’s scholarship applications will be available online starting in December until the deadline (midnight, March 1).  There are no paper application forms for any 4CCF scholarships.  When you visit our website at and click on the “scholarships” tab you will have access to the link which will direct you to the online application.

Where is the list of scholarships and the criteria for each scholarship?

A short description of each scholarship and its criteria is available once you access the scholarship portal.  As you move through the application, the program will determine which scholarships you are qualified to complete, and will request all necessary information.

Do I have to complete the FAFSA if I know I won’t qualify for federal financial aid?

Yes.  A complete application includes the portion of the Student Aid Report (SAR) which shows the Student Aid Index (SAI).  The SAR page containing your SAI must be uploaded with your application. In addition, we hold some scholarships for which you have to prove that you do not qualify for financial aid.  If you cannot complete a FAFSA, upload a document describing your financial circumstances.

If my EFC is too high, will I be disqualified from Four County Community Foundation scholarships?

Not necessarily.  Financial need is a consideration in many applications, but we have scholarships where financial need is not a requirement.

Do I need an Official Transcript or can I download a transcript from my school's website?

No.  College students – an unofficial transcript or internet printout of your transcript is acceptable as long as it is a complete transcript of your college work to date, is clearly labeled with your name, current academic year, your cumulative grade point average, and the name of your college or university.  High School Seniors – your complete transcript, including your first semester senior-year grades, cumulative grade point average, SAT/ACT score (if available), and class rank is required.  It does not have to be marked as “official.”

How do I submit my attachments electronically?

Scan your attachments, save them as pdfs, and attach them to the online application. You will not be able to submit your application without the required attachments.  For optimal viewing by our Application Review Committee, attachments should be pdf documents. Attach: a copy of your SAT/ACT report (high school seniors only), the SAI from the FAFSA, and your current transcript.

I am a returning applicant. Do I have to make a new account to apply for this scholarship year?

If you were an AwardSpring student-user in 2021-2022, you should be in our database.  Log-in with the same email and password or use the “forgot password” option to gain access.  Be sure to update any changes to your contact information.

How do I contact Four County Community Foundation if I have any further questions?

Foundation staff is here to help you with your scholarship application process.  If you have questions, contact the Foundation by phone, email, or by stopping in at the office.  If you leave a phone message, include your name, return phone number, best time to call, and your question, so that we can be prepared with an answer when we return your call. Email [email protected] anytime.