Four County Community Foundation

Mental Health Fund… for a better tomorrow

More than one in five American adults – which amounts to more than 1.4 million Michiganders – is living with a mental health condition.  Despite advancements in care, many residents still struggle to get the help they need.  

Our Foundation leaders are aware of the need to address mental health issues.  Conversations with local health professionals, nonprofit groups and school staff, along with the results of a community needs survey spurred the Foundation to create the Mental Health Fund.  The Fund provides financial support to nonprofit organizations delivering mental health programs in the communities we serve.

Recently, the Fund supported Teen Mental Health First Aid instruction and certification for two local camp counselors.  Members of our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) are participating in sessions in the evidence-based training program that helps teens identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health challenges among their friends and peers.

During this giving season, consider supporting this important work with a donation to the Mental Health Fund…for a better tomorrow.  Gifts of any amount can be directed toward the fund’s endowment or immediate needs for mental health services.

Thank you for supporting Four County Community Foundation.  Your generosity allows us to bring together organizations and people to address important issues like mental health.

Nonprofit organizations needing financial support for programs adressing mental health in the communities we serve may contact the Foundation office.  Grant requests for the Fund will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Proactive Committee throughout the year.  The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will act on committee recommendations on a regular basis.