Final Report Requirements

Post-Grant Reporting Requirements

Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed by the grant committee.  The committee recommendation will be to either: fully fund, partially fund, or decline your request.  Their recommendation then goes to the full Board of Trustees for approval.  Once we have the Board approval, you will be notified by mail as to the status of your request.

If your grant request is approved, you will be asked to sign and return a Grant Agreement.  The Grant Agreement serves as a contract, to assure that funds are used solely for the stated purpose.  It outlines the expenditure of funds and the Final Grant Report to the Foundation.

As a part of your Grant Agreement, you will complete and mail a Final Grant Report (FGR) within 60 days of the completion of your project.  The FGR is required by our Board of Trustees and our auditors as a way of confirming that all granted funds are spent according to the terms agreed to in the Grant Agreement.

Future requests will not be considered if your organization has outstanding or incomplete Final Grant Reports.

Final Grant Report Requirements

Please make sure you include all of the following items.

  • Financial Report: Include your revenues and expenses. You are required to return any unused funds. Contact our office for more information.
  • Evaluation of Success: Refer to the key outcomes as outlined in your original request. Write a 1-2 page narrative describing the project’s impact on the community, and how you measured the success of your project’s key outcomes. If the project is ongoing, include any plans for continuing the project in the future.
  • Photographs: Email 3-5 high-quality, digital photographs featuring your project to Four County Community Foundation may use all photos in publications and on social media. Please attach jpeg photos to your email.
  • Recognize 4CCF: Include copies of all news items to show that you recognized 4CCF as a supporter of your project.

The Final Grant Report allows 4CCF to share the story of your particular project.  Through your story, our donors are assured that their charitable dollars are working to make a difference in the community, for good, forever, for everyone!


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Trouble or Questions?

For any questions regarding grant applications please call (810) 798-0909 or email Micaela Boomer.