In light of ongoing delays associated with FAFSA processing and reporting, Four County Community Foundation (4CCF) has changed their application requirements for the 2024 scholarship season.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) information, including the Student Aid Index (SAI), won’t be made available to students until sometime after 4CCF’s scholarship application deadline of March 1. Review committees use this information for scholarships that request a student’s financial need be considered.

This year 4CCF is asking scholarship applicants to complete the Federal Student Aid Estimator tool and use the number generated to complete the ‘Financial Information’ portion of 4CCF’s application. Students can then select a ‘Print or Download’ option at the bottom of the Estimator page and use this image for the FAFSA Student Aid Index Upload portion of the application.

The Federal Student Aid Estimator Tool can be found at

If necessary, 4CCF reserves the right to request an applicant’s final FAFSA Student Aid Report prior to issuing scholarships.

Once students complete 4CCF’s general scholarship application, found at, they’ll be notified of what scholarships they are eligible to receive. The online application will detail what next steps they need to take.

Anyone with questions about the 4CCF scholarship process is encouraged to contact Maria Brown at or (810) 798-0909.